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Kingsbury Septic & Pumping Service, your source for septic maintenance, repairs, new installations, video camera inspections, portable toilets, drain line cleaning and more.

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Jed and his crew are licensed, insured, and highly experienced to deal with all your waste water needs. You can count on us to get the job done both fast, and efficiently!

Over 15 years experience in septic maintenance, repair, installation & drain line cleaning.

“Our promise to you, the customer, is to always put your needs first and treat you like family. We realize that while a septic problem may be a disaster to most, it is an everyday occurrence for us, and that with our knowledge and experience we hope to ease the stress that these “everyday disasters” can cause on our customers.”

Jed Kingsbury

KS&P Owner/Operator

Septic System Problems

Know the signs!

  • Waste water backing up in the house
  • Gurgling in the drains when you flush
  • Wet spots in the yard near your drain-field or tank
  • Sewer odor near your tank or in your basement

Clogs and failures in your septic system happen, they do, SHIT HAPPENS, believe me! When it does it can get messy and expensive. The most important step in preventing these serious problems is a regular cleaning schedule. So often we get the “out of sight out of mind” answer when fixing a preventable problem, don’t let this be you, let us prevent tomorrow’s problems, today, with routine maintenance!

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